What are the benefits of working with a trainer?

The benefits of working with a trainer are endless. A trainer not only ensures that you are performing exercises correctly and efficiently, but also provides an outside perspective on what you are looking to achieve and how to build a plan that is right for you. If your goals are to lose a few pounds, be better at a specific sport, or just want to pursue a healthier life style, then a trainer can help you achieve these goals. A good trainer is like a coach, who helps you to excel and is there to offer encouragement and support.


How many times should I train each week?

The amount of training each week will be based on key factors.  Notably, the current physical level of the client and the desired result will dictate the amount of training required to achieve their goal. With this being said, typically resistance training should occur at least three times per week and we recommend that you incorporate short duration of high intensity interval cardiovascular training workouts.  Understanding that this may or may not be possible for each and every client, the results will be more noticeable in a shorter duration then training at a minimal level.


How long will it take before I see results?

Results will vary from individual to individual and are based on several factors. Topping the list of critical factors that play a viable role on achieving any goal are the effort-in and quality of food consumed. These two factors will have a great impact on the length of time it takes to achieve the desired result.


Can I do it by myself?

Yes, but like any profession the experts have already dissected the issues and already have an efficient  and effective solution to the problem.


How much does it cost?

We have a sliding scale of costs dictated by the amount of sessions you purchase, the time period of the session, and whether you choose to work out by yourself, or with a friend or two. We will try to make it work for you.


Will you tell me what to eat?

We do not prescribe diets. We do advise that you eat fresh, nutritious foods (organic if possible) and avoid sugars, sweets and alcohol. We will help you create a realistic plan based on your goals and lifestyle.


What are the benefits of strength training?

The benefits of strength training are Increased strength, muscle tone, energy, stamina and basal metabolic rate.  Strength training also facilitates the release of growth hormone and testosterone, which helps you look and feel young. Research suggests that strength training may also decrease resting heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood fats. It may control blood sugar levels, which contributes to higher energy levels over longer periods. Many studies also suggests that strength training helps to elevate mood.


I like to run and prefer to work outside, so why would I lift weights?

We understand that many people like to exercise outdoors and love to run. Strength training may actually make you a better runner, increasing strength, speed, improving stride pattern and muscular imbalances. It is the perfect complement to cardiovascular activities such as running.


I’m worried that I’ll bulk up with weight training. Will I get too big to fit into my clothes?

Most women actually lose size when engaging in a strength-training program. Men usually only put on significant size if that is their goal and the program is supplemented with excessive calories and rest. Becoming large is unrealistic for most people. You will be amazed at how great you look as a result of strength training. We will help you to appear as the best possible version of you.